A. Jefferson Deadlift @51×1; 2-3×5; Rest 90 seconds – https://www.dellanave.com/how-and-why-to-do-a-jefferson-deadlift/

315×3 335×3 345×2 355×2 365×2

Tempo was sketchy on the last rep of last set.  Really pushed this, when I got tired I could tell my minds reaction was to favor the front leg, but I kept even distribution.
B. WTD cliff hanger Pull up cluster @20×1;; Rest 20 seconds/ Rest 3 minutes x4 sets

BW whole way through…with the set up I have, really hard to explain.. but tempo was more like 3-4 seconds on the way down.  Had to be this way to avoid collision.
C.Barbell Roll out; 100 reps – not for time

These were pretty hard today.  Abs burned yeah, but felt it in the shoulders too, maybe I was doing this wrong.  I was pretty beat for some reason
8 sets
150 meter all out sprint
150 meter walk

These are always tough.  I feel shitty during, but after I just feel so relaxed once my nervous system winds down and flips onto chill mode.

Last day in town and a busy fucking day at that.  Finally settling down to take a nap before packing and knocking out a shit load of school work…fuck.  Got to do some cool shit though.  The guy who helped me train my dog does a lot of work with police dogs, so we got in the bite suit today and I got to check getting torn apart by a German Shepherd off my bucket list.  Definite adrenaline rush and pretty physically demanding, these dogs are no joke.

It’s been a great trip man, I really let myself go this last week on eating which was awesome in so many ways, nothing like the food in Chicago and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I’m ready to get back to AZ but really glad I took the time to come back out here.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen all my friends, last time I was really home to visit (not on business) I wasn’t doing the greatest.  It has been almost two years.

Time to take a nap….see you next week dude.