A. Jefferson Deadlift @31×1; 4-5×5; Rest 90 seconds – https://www.dellanave.com/how-and-why-to-do-a-jefferson-deadlift/

275×5 295×5 315×5 315×5 325×4
B. WTD cliff hanger Pull up cluster @20×1;; Rest 20 seconds/ Rest 3 minutes x4 sets

BW all the way through.  Very thick bar…or pipe I should say.  Hopefully, it doesn’t come out of the ceiling lol.  Last set I pretty much almost hit failure
C. Deadbugs; 200 reps, QUALITY only, not for time, but don’t go slow either

Hit a little over 100, then had to piece them together from there.  This burnt.
8 sets
150 meter all out sprint
150 meter walk

Fuckkkkkkk fuckk fuckkkk fuck fuck….I’m crippled, my abs hurt, my lungs hurt.  ouch dude.