A. Jefferson Deadlift @31×1; 6-8×4; Rest 90 seconds – https://www.dellanave.com/how-and-why-to-do-a-jefferson-deadlift/

225×8 235×8 245×8 255×8

Last set was really difficult.  I actually like these a lot, not an easy lift.
B. WTD supinated Pull up cluster @20×1;; Rest 20 seconds/ Rest 3 minutes x4 sets

8.8lb BW BW BW

Last two sets I had to take longer than 20 seconds for the rest to knock them all out
C. Barbell Roll out; AMRAP 2 minutes – video entire 2 minutes

Had to use my phone as a clock so no video, hit a measly 38
8 sets
100 meter all out sprint
100 meter walk

Fuck, this workout was a bitch.  This week has officially done me in.